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Cahiers d'Artistes | Aurelio Kopainig

Aurelio Kopainig ist in Gais AR und St. Gallen aufgewachsen. Er ist einer von sieben Kunstschaffenden, die eine eigene Publikation gewonnen haben und in der Collection Cahiers d'Artistes 2010 von Pro Helvetia vertreten sind. The artist Aurelio Kopainig is interested in processes of growth. He works as a sower and a lab assistant, as a building inspector and an anthropologist.

Aurelio Kopainig

On the recommendation of an independent jury, Pro Helvetia’s Board of Trustees selected Aurelio Kopainig.

He uses different media – photographs, drawings, films, installations – to investigate connections and grafts together different subject areas. Aurelio Kopainig understands the world as an experimental design, in order to get closer to the essence of things. In so doing, he hits a sensitive point in our mental state. It is the touching yet devastating comicality of our need for over-determination and controllability, paired with boundless astonishment at the independent existence of things and the knowledge that in the final resort we are at the mercy of nature. (from ‘Modellversuch’ by Ursula Badrutt)

Aurelio Kopainig was born 1979 in Gais, lives and works in Berlin and Buenos Aires. He is working with photography, installations, drawing.

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